Fine Boys By Eghosa Imaseun Book Review— Peace Boluwatife Akinsanya

Fine Boys By Eghosa Imaseun Book Review by The Luminaries Bookclub

Eghosa Imasuen’s Fine Boys is almost an autobiographical depiction of the coming of age of a teenager whose transition to adulthood becomes a world of adventure. He leaves the safety of his home and family for tertiary institution in the 90s at the University of Benin. A time fraught with cult evils and victimization. We follow his experiences from his first intercourse to his first drink, to his friendships. His day to day life is carefully charted.

Friendships are explored, its ups and downs. They quarrel, make up, smoke, drink and enjoy an easy relationship. The friendship shared depicted is one of the most important aspects of the novel.

The writer also shows the effects of the Abacha military regime on the ordinary man. The unease in the country and hardships are seen through Ewaen's eyes.

Humour is dominant in the book and the atmosphere is very relaxed. The imagery used by the author is vivid and resonates with people who have been to Warri. You can actually picture the novel as it goes on. It’s an engaging book written with lots of Nigerian Pidgin English.

Evils of confraternities are explored. How they chase after their victims and the already crumbling education system has little or nothing to do to ensure the safety of students. This ends in tragedy. The book also touches on family, the failure of the judiciary sector to prosecute offenders leaving many roaming free. How bribery and corruption is now a tool.

Eghosa did a fine job as he takes us on a trip down memory lane. Most of these things are things we can relate to from our personal university experience. It’s a great, witty, sad book that passes its message eloquently.

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